About Us

Surface Gallery and its partners.

Some partners participated to the MENHIR – Multimedia European Network for High quality Image Registration project funded under the ESPRIT R&D European Union programme.

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany
MUSEA (International not-for-profit association of museums)
Beazley Archive, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, United Kingdom
Laboratoire de Recherche des Musées de France, Le Louvre
Natural History Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
State Historical Museum, Moscow, Russia
Yaroslav Art Museum, Yaroslav, Russia
Musée des Tissus et des Textiles Anciens, Lyon, France.
Museum Informatics Project, University of California, Berkeley

Private archives
Art Resource – New York
SCALA Archivio Fotografico Editoriale, Florence, Italy
Technology providers
Digital Publishing Japan- Kyoto
Hewlett Packard laboratories, Europe & US
Hewlett Packard Philanthropy, Europe
Le Studio Grolier, Paris, France
National Centre for Science Information Systems (NACSIS), Tokyo

Professional body representing visual artists
Pyramide Europe, Paris, France

Collective rights society protecting Intellectual Property Rights – IPR of visual artists
SOFAM, Brussels, Belgium