Let The Adventure Begin!

Today is June 30th.  That will make 30 days I have officially taken over the space at 49 John St. in Charleston S.C.  It has been a loooong month.  Let me back track though, this plan of opening up a gallery did not begin in June.  

Years ago, maybe more than several, it was 1997 and my first craft gallery job in Portland Maine where I first got the idea.  Being an art school graduate myself with a concentration in ceramics and glass I was struck with jealousy that artists were selling their work and on the flip side how cool would it be to surround yourself with this kind of work as a gallery owner.  

Since then I have had several more craft gallery jobs and eight years of being a part time potter trying to sell my own work.  All the while the thought of owning my own gallery was a nice thought but seemed too far of a reach (but then again so did actually selling my work).  So like I did when I took the plunge with starting a pottery business, I spearheaded a business plan for a gallery.  

So where am I at now?  At a very optimistic time at the beginning of June I had my opening date at July 1st, well that is not going to happen.  I am having new lighting installed tomorrow, displays have to be finished and a new doorknob put in.  I can be optimistic again and think maybe the 7nth of July but I have to see.  Sometime in July!   


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