Little Changes Here and There



What is the date now?  I have to admit June was a very long month for me.  Now into July most of the big hurdles in the gallery have been sorted out.  There are still hundreds of little changes and tweaks, like when you rearrange your furniture and keep changing it for the next three hours? 

For the month of August (lovely month to stay in inside with busy work in S.C) I will be making little changes here and there on the website and in the gallery.  The learning curve to launch into an e-commerce site has been huge for me and it will take more time for sure to bring me up to speed.  This is when I asked myself a million times this month, "Why didn't I ever do Etsy?!"  That easy transition so many have made into selling on-line would have broke me in a little.  Oh well.

So when am I officially going to open?  I will call and perhaps pay another visit to the city today.  My paperwork has been on an employees desk for over a week now ;) I will not bore you with the details or go on and on about how frustrating this process has been because you are all smart people and you get the idea. 

I am planning a GRAND OPENING at the beginning of September so keep checking back for that.  Till then maybe the "soft" opening will actually happen.  Have a great week! 


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