Why Handmade for Weddings?

I am going to be talking a lot about the handmade wedding.  Not talking about mason jars and monogramming- I know, might get kicked out of the south for that one.  What I mean is using fine craft from ceremony to bridal party gifts to registry to home.  

When I got married back in 2000 ( I know, child bride) there wasn't Etsy.  Yikes!  I knew I didn't want the traditional invitation so I searched on the big computer and found a woman in Ohio making handmade wedding invitations.  

For my bridal party gifts I took frames, acid etched little designs into the glass and put pictures from the wedding in them.  Nothing spectacular but I wanted to make the gift personal and to say thank you to my best friends.   

Our wedding registry consisted of a quick list at Williams Sonoma.  We already lived together (insert gasp) and had most things to start off.  You can always register for a better coffee maker and grill pan right?  

The good thing was most people knew I like handmade and "craft things" so we still got many handmade items.  Our wedding was in Maine, where my husband is from, so handmade items fortunately were easy to find (if not familiar with Maine, lots of craft artists there).  Handmade wood bowl, ceramic platter, big thrown stoneware bowl, wood cutting board all from my wedding and all I still use today on a daily basis.  True.  That's fourteen years later.  I can't say the same for the coffee maker from William Sonoma.  Long gone.     

I LOVE my handmade pieces from my wedding.  They are beautiful, functional craft made to last.  So excited to represent artists that make handmade wedding bands, bridal party jewelry, serving dishes, cards, barware and many other items perfect for the handmade wedding.  More to come!  




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