Handmade Wedding Bands

I can't think of a better item of a ceremony to be custom handmade than the bands.  Fortunately I found an artist that can do just that!  

Beth Coiner from from Eastern North Carolina has spent much of her career as a performance artist and designer in New York City.  It is the natural and architectural inspirations that now inspires her designing and making jewelry.  

So how do you go about ordering custom bands?  Beth has provided me with five sample bands of each texture that she creates in men's and women's widths.  

You choose your desired texture and width and choice of metals.  She can create the band in 14K yellow, peach, rose, white and green gold, sterling silver and stainless steel.  I love the possibilities!  



Skinny "stack" bands are also made to order as well and the same deal- pick your texture and metal.  Possibilities are endless.  

Given time (6-8 weeks delivery after ordering) this is a personal, unique option for any bride, groom, anniversary gift or just a present to yourself!  I have a big anniversary coming next year, might have to treat myself.......



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