So you think you are crafty, a maker, a creative, an artist??  I have a blurb about this at the bottom of my website but it is a bit hidden so I thought I would write a blog on it.  

How do you sell at Surface?  Well, with my vast experience of being a gallery owner for almost two months now, these are things that work for me.  

Please, if you are local, please come INTO the gallery and first see if it is the right fit for you and your work.  I am the only one here so you can chat with me, look at the the work and the space.  Most likely I will give you my info and if you are still interested you can send me your info, website, pictures etc.  Seeing the space first to have your work in clears up a lot of questions for the artist.  Believe me, I am no stranger to this game.  Does your work "fit"?  Do you like the look of the space?  Is the owner a whakadoo?  (of course not ;) All good things to know.  Are you comfortable with the business terms?  Are they advertising?  All questions I have asked before as an artist and I have to ask myself as a gallery owner now.

What NOT to do.  

Please don't cold call me or any gallery.  "Cold Call"- term from my salesman husband- going into a store with product, no appointment and ready to sell to the owner.  Might work for convenient stores but not for gallery's.  Many art writers have written on this subject so I won't even go into why this is inappropriate, you can figure it out.  

What to remember.

I remember about 15 years ago a gallery owner I worked for mentioned this.  "It doesn't matter so much if I like the work or not, it matters if it fits in the gallery and the customers respond to it".  If a gallery does not decide to represent you remember that.  I have been rejected by my share of galleries and it is what it is.  It is part of selling your work!  Know this though, If you do contact me through e-mail or Facebook about selling your work I will get back to you.  There is nothing worse than approaching a gallery and not hearing back after you submitted info.   Had that happen to me too.  "Whatever does not kill me makes me stronger"- some tough old person


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