Stand As One In Craft

Huh?  That is a still from the movie "Gladiator", what is this blog about?  Finishing up American Craft Week in Charleston I am reminded of an important message in Gladiator.  You know the first time they fought in the coliseum and instead of fighting all separate Russell Crow shouts "Stand as one!" and together the slaves defeated the Barbarian Hoard.  What does this mean? 1) Yes, I have seen Gladiator a fews too many times but more importantly 2) groups are more powerful if they stand and work together.  

This brings me to American Craft Week in Charleston.  This week celebrates all things handmade in America.  Wether you call them craftspeople, makers or creatives it is synonymous, we all make handmade items functional and nonfunctional out of craft mediums; wood, fiber, metal, clay and glass.  The fact that it is more accessible to sell items in the digital age should not set craftspeople apart.  If you started throwing clay in the 70's or if you started throwing last year, if you sell from your studio or if you sell on Etsy should not differentiate you.  We all love to make, sell and share what we do with the community. it is a way of life.   


Maria Hutzler of Pompey Glass making lamp-work glass beads.  


I look forward for more Charleston craftspeople and organizations to come together in the future to promote, educate and build the crafts community.   So on the last day of American Craft Week I see my goals lined up and look forward to ACW 2015! (no more Gladiator references- promise) 



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