What's Old Is New Again in The New Year

Happy 2015!  Personally I like to set goals or New Years resolutions.  It helps me organize my year with the gallery and my own art work.  Many of my friends who are artists have been telling me their goals these past couple of weeks and what the plans are for the new year.  New designs, projects, shows, galleries, what ideas to revisit and what ideas to wait on.  I treated myself for Christmas and purchased one of Kris Westerson's beautiful handmade books.  I started putting ideas down for my own work in clay and maybe they will be created or maybe I will look back on them months or years from now and decide to revisit old ideas.


 Drawing or writing ideas down is invaluable to the creative process but it translates to really anyone in any field.  Writing down on paper and taking a break from typing or texting in your phone or computer is a refreshing break these days.  My eight year old daughter begged me for one of Kris' books and I surprised her with it on her birthday.  I am thrilled to see not only drawings in it but her stories and poems.  Kids attack paper with hardly any hesitation.  Adults look at blank pages in a book and feel it is a daunting task.  I certainly know how that feels, putting ideas, writing or drawings down is sometimes intimidating.  


Take the plunge, start "Writing more and texting less" as our letterpress team of Ink Meets Paper would say.  I promise you will be glad you did!



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