Lin Barnhardt Show During Spoleto Festival

Lin Barnhardt
Site Seeing - Viewpoints of Charleston Landmarks Reconstruction

Opening Reception
Surface Craft Gallery
49 John St. 
Friday, May 22
5 p.m.- 8 p.m.

Charleston architectural and historical landmarks meticulously hand built out of clay. Scaled down to miniatures models.

In his formal training and much of his career as an artist, Barnhardt focused on painting and printmaking. In 1997, he grew increasingly more interested in coupling those talents with his love for architecture and sculpture. Soon after on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, Lin found inspiration in the numerous historic buildings to make series of work from. Over the last decade he has constructed historical landmarks, churches and plantations homes such as Middleton Place.
Lin Barnhardt’s work has been featured in American Style Magazine, a featured segment in Southern Living Presents and was chosen to be in the Christmas collection of artists at The White House.


Lin starts with photos of the building which he then creates architectural sketches from. The sketch then turns to pattern pieces out of poster board to lay on the clay slabs to cut them out. From the structures foundation to the walls, the building slowly takes shape. Using such items as burlap or toothbrushes are used to make the desired texture for roof shingles or brick. Once the earthenware clay has dried completely over the course of several weeks it is then fired to approximately 2000 degrees in an electric kiln.
The surface treatment is where Lin utilizes his years of painting experience treating the clay like canvas. Diverting from the traditional glaze treatment on clay, he uses acrylic paint to create light, shadow and the desired depth of architectural element.

Lin Barnhardt will be attending the opening on Friday May 2 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.


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