Celebrating the First Year


On July 21st 2015 Surface Craft Gallery officially turns ONE year old!  I feel like I am very much still getting used to running a gallery myself and still pinching myself that this is happening.  

Even though I have worked in several American Craft galleries I have learned a TON doing this by myself.  Biggest learning curve?  Having been a potter selling my ware the past ten years I barely kept an up to date website and never sold online.  Oh boy.  This Generation Xer has not been computer savvy the past couple of decades to say the least.  So the iPad as register and website/e-commerce site is something I am learning more of each day.  But better late than never, right?  

Best feature owning a gallery.  I LOVE finding new work and working with artists!  Talking with the artists in Charleston and beyond has been a real treat.  Whether they create a line of work, working on new ideas or one of a kind work it's great to see that process from idea to reality.  

So, how is it going?  I get asked all the time from friends and customers about how business is doing.  All in all with ups and downs, it is good.  That is not to say the first year has not had it's share of uncertainty and struggles, it HAS.  I am optimistic on the years to come and building, constantly building and getting my name out there in Charleston and beyond.   

Lastly I want to shout a big THANK YOU!!!!  To my family, friends, customers and especially the ARTISTS of Surface.  

Thank you!  This is all about supporting individual artisans in their studios and providing one more opportunity for them to make a living doing what they love.  



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