Craft and Community

It's always good to come into my house and see the new American Craft Magazine on my counter.   This particularly issue got me saying in my head, "Yes!"  Collaborate, Instigate, Cultivate- The Community Issue.  


Just yesterday once again I was feeling like I was pulling teeth trying to get the artists in the community to come together.  I had to stop my pity party and look on the flip side.  Is it getting better?  Yes.  Can we do better?  YES!  When I read about and visit different towns and cities that really support the craft community I feel inspired again.   It is not enough just to say the artists are here.  The artists have to do their part by working together to create a stronger community.   Arts organizations that work together can hold more successful events to educate the community.  If the community understands how the piece was created they are more likely to appreciate the work and in turn support the artist.   

With craft education in mind I am in my third year (first with my own gallery) of celebrating American Craft Week.   

 American Craft Week is coming up October 2-11.  Surface will be having an exhibit of Charleston artists working in craft mediums inspired by "Home".  Opening reception is October 2 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Surface Craft Gallery.  

I am really excited to see the work for this show!  If you are in Charleston please stop by!  IF not pictures of the opening will be posted on the Surface Craft Gallery Facebook page.    



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