Handmade and Black Friday

Selling handmade, selling art is a different kind of animal in retail.   Work that is not mass ordered and not quadrupled in price is a little bit tricky especially at Black Friday.  Mind you there are no lines at galleries (none that I have seen) at 4 a.m. and nobody hitting you over the head to get that handmade teapot that is now 50% off.  Why?  Handmade business' do not offer that because they cannot.  Our profit margin is considerably less than mass produced goods because the artist directly gets (in most cases) at least 50% of the sale price.  More money is going to the maker and you get a quality made unique item for yourself or for a gift.  

  Every full time maker I know works not a 40 hour week but 60 or more a week in the studio, marketing and selling.  These long hours are a labor of love but also necessary to be able to do what you love and support yourself financially.  The artists are working alone or with their spouse or maybe in a collective studio with just a few other artists helping.  

This holiday season consider the small business that is selling handmade gifts. Keep in mind maybe they won't have huge sales but remember that more of your money is going to an individual artisan.


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