Event! 30: A Month of Daily Works

On February fourth Surface Craft Gallery in Charleston, S.C. will hold a reception for 30: A Month of Daily Works by Visual and Literary Artists. The instructions were as follows; Artists pick up a tiny handmade book at Surface Craft Gallery and each day in January create a piece inside the book. You can write, print, paint, use the book as sculpture, basically anything except take the book apart. Return the finished book by February fourth at Surface to share and see what others have done.
Kristen Solecki, an illustrator in Charleston and also an exhibiting artist at Surface Craft Gallery was the brainchild behind this venture. "A 30 Day Project has been popular in galleries, blogs and social media around the world. I thought of taking the idea to our local community to connect a variety of artists working in different media and platforms. Surface Craft Gallery was the perfect venue because they feature artisans working in 3-D craft mediums and printmakers." explains Kristen Solecki.
Kris Westerson of Kris Westerson Paper Book Press is the creator of the tiny books and also sells a variety of handmade books at Surface. "My process begins by making a gift for someone I care about, that is how it started." Kris Westerson. "I made a tiny book for my friend and I told Kristen about the idea to make a 365 day book. Kristen related it to the daily book projects and to change it to 30 days instead of a whole year and taking it to Surface. Using good quality paper, thread and sewing the tiny books together I am wondering what others will put in them. Every blank book I wonder that, what the person will fill it with."

Liv Antonecchia, owner of Surface Craft Gallery, was very enthusiastic about the 30 Day project. "I have been anxious to host exhibits that challenge artists, give them new ideas and maybe break them out of their comfort zone. There is a pressure in art, especially in craft mediums to keep making to sell. Once in a while we have to break out of that mini production to keep growing as an artist. Thats why I was so excited about this idea of a small daily piece plus January, the start of the year was the perfect time. Bringing the community in Charleston of many different types of arts together is also a huge plus. We have had a tremendous turnout of participants for this exhibit, from writers, illustrators, crafts people, even a seventh grader who was told about this from her art teacher!"
The reception for 30: A Month of Daily Works by Visual and Literary Artists will be held at Surface Craft Gallery at 49 John St. downtown Charleston on February 4 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Participants have the opportunity to leave their book on display at Surface till February 18nth. A final list of all the participants will be listed January 2nd under events on the Surface Craft Gallery Facebook page. Please contact Liv Antonecchia at surfacechs@gmail or (843) 530-6809 for any questions.


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